Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Help My Novel!

This is somewhat unrelated to improv, but important nonetheless:

I entered my novel The Deadworks into the Amazon Breakthrough Novel contest, and I’ve made it into the semi-finals! To help me move into the next round, I need people to go to my novel’s page on Amazon, download the first 16 pages, and review it. Reviewers are also entered into a contest to win a bunch of stuff. Please pass this on! Please review more than just my entry. The more entries you review the more weight your review will carry.

For information on the contest:

My Novel’s Page:

Here’s Amazon’s info on what they’re looking for in reviews:

What Makes A Good Review?

In the semifinalist round, we're breaking new ground in our customer reviewing community: this is the first opportunity for customers to play an active role in the publishing process. The criteria for judging an unpublished book are a little bit different from the norm. Keep these pointers in mind as you're reading and remember: your voice counts.

Be persuasive. Experts at Penguin will be relying on customer reviews as they prepare to select the finalists, so don't hesitate to tell us what you really think. The reviews that provide the most thorough, thoughtful feedback are the ones that will help Penguin choose the Top Ten.

Quantity and quality help. The more reviews you write, and the more helpful each review is, the more likely you are to win one of our three prize packages.

Discuss. As with customer reviews for all our products, you can comment on others' excerpt reviews and rate them. Any discussion and activity we see around specific titles will only keep us coming back for more, so feel free to speak up and banter with your peers.

One quick heads-up: Per the contest rules, every excerpt is a maximum of 5,000 words in length. As a result, you may find that excerpts vary in length or end unexpectedly. Consider yourself warned--and happy reading!