Monday, November 12, 2007

Let It Snow! Towns 2005

Check out the Let It Snow Interactive Map, featuring every town the show has ever featured, complete with performance date, show description, and a picture from the town itself!


We’ve Got a Boat for You – Friday 11/25/2005
When Sam (Christian) and his friend Waldo (Alan) take jobs at the Mr. Withers’ (Ken) shipyard in Sturgeon Bay, WI (pop. 9,240), Sam finds himself in trouble with his dairy farmer father (Bryce). In the end Sam, his father, and Mr. Withers all find the boat of their dreams, and Waldo finally gets a date with Mr. Withers’ daughter (Susan)!

What’s Yours is Mine – Saturday 11/26/2005
Moonflower (Mandy) wishes the people of Madrid, NM (pop. 149) were as easy to talk to as dogs. While Mayor Batsy (Dave) and the rest of the town handle the arrival of a federal investigator (Bryce), Moonflower works up the courage to ask Carl (Alan) the mailman to the annual Halloween Cross Dressers Ball.

What’s Next for Chino Valley? – Sunday 11/27/2005
Ben (Christian) is the idea man of Chino Valley, AZ (pop. 9,160). After all, he brought a much-celebrated 4th stoplight to the town, created a crosswalk, and even painted the line down the middle of Main Street. While Tennyson (Ken), Grandma Etta (Susan), and the whole town wait to see what he’ll do next, his best friend Tess (Lisa) is waiting for him to see her as more than just friends.

Good Nancy, Bad Nancy – Friday 12/2/2005
When Franklin (Dave) returns to Arco, ID (pop. 1,001) to woo Nancy, his true love (Mandy), he finds an unexpected obstacle in the town’s high school basketball star Rod (Glenn) and Franklin’s own sister Terri (Tara). But nothing can stop a romance as hot as the town’s nuclear reactors!

Battle Rock! – Saturday 12/3/2005
Liza (Lisa) dreams of participating in Port Orford, OR’s (pop. 1,170) annual holiday battle re-enactment, but chief organizer Thomas (Glenn) won’t allow women to participate. With a little help from her friends, Liza starts up her own battle re-enactment and gives everyone in the town a history lesson.

Cold Weather, Warm Hearts – Sunday 12/4/2005
Nebraska-born Charlie (Christian) finds himself stationed with the Air Force in Goose Bay, Labrador (pop. 7,969). Can he overcome his shyness and date the Minnesotan of his dreams, Anne (Tara), or will he spend another cold winter alone?

Manunka Chunk, Do Doooo Do Do Do – Friday 12/9/2005
Jerry (Christian) has to overcome his parents’ disapproval, his own indecision, and the advances of croquet-mogul Randal Pete (Ken) to win the heart of his true love Sara (Mandy). Nothing beats sitting on Aunt Ada’s (Lisa) dock in Manunka Chunk, NJ.

Find Your Fire – Saturday 12/10/2005
Delgado’s Deli is a cornerstone of Weed, CA (pop. 3,077), but Diana Delgado (Susan) is tired of working for the family business. All she wants to do is climb Mt. Shasta, but when the local USGS-man Dennison (Bryce) warns the mountain could be volcanically active, her life changes forever.

The Maiden Martyr – Sunday 12/11/2005
Tilly (Susan) spends so much time helping out other people in Buckingham, VA (pop. 15,919), she never has time for herself. When she decides to go back to college, her jealous room-mates Mary Sue (Jennifer) and Sammy Jo (Mandy) conspire to keep her at home.

Baked Bean Supper – Friday 12/16/2005
Martha (Mandy) wishes she could be more grown up, but when she becomes the Poet Laureate of Industry, ME (pop.789), her rhyming talents are exhausted by big-fish-wannabe Roy (Ken), in his scheme to make the town the Bean Supper capital of the world. But some residents have other fish to fry …

Strange Bedfellow – Saturday 12/17/2005
The town of Cantwell, AK (pop. 222) is forced to hold an emergency election to replace the Mayor and the bartender after they both end up on America’s Most Wanted. Sheriff Maxwell (Christian) decides to run for mayor only to find himself running against his wife (Mandy)! Meanwhile, Jimbo (Alan) and Elizabeth (Susan) make their own sparks fly in the race for bartender. Politics does indeed make strange bedfellows!

Good or Bad – Sunday 12/18/2005
Bobby (Glenn) thought he was an orphan, but when his uncles tell him his parents abandoned him, he breaks into the dreaded youth correctional camp outside of Schurz, NV (pop. 721). But things aren’t always how they seem, and Bobby finds his parents aren’t so bad (or far away) after all!

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