Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Let It Snow 2007, Week 1

Check out the Let It Snow Interactive Map, featuring every town the show has ever featured, complete with performance date, show description, and a picture from the town itself!


Dry – Friday 11/23/2007
When Mike (Dave A.) and Sally (Trish) conspire to sell alcohol at the fair in traditionally dry Topsfield, MA (pop. 6,141), the Mayor (Christian) finds himself usurped by his clerk (Bryce). But once the town's matriarch (Tara) has her first sip of liquor, everything changes.

Losing Bridges - Saturday Matinee 11/24/2007
Carol (Mandy) has been the president of the Hastings, MN (pop. 18,204) historical society for 25 years, but her assistant Susie (Molly) has quietly been doing most of the work. Susie finally wants some credit, and when she befriends newspaper intern Seth, she finally has her chance. But just as the town lost its spiral bridge to progrss, how many bridges will Susie lose to earn her fame?

Bollywood on the Plains – Saturday Night 11/24/2007
East meets West in Fairfield, IA (pop. 9,509) where the Maharishi Rudy (Dave) runs an Indan Café and Ashram at Maharishi University of Management. When the café's delivery boy George (Christian) has an existential crisis of self, he gets a little help from local farmer Kathleen (Susan) and the transcendental wisdom of Rudy to discover he's not really alone after all.

Cheesehead Luau – Sunday Twilight 11/25/2007
Steve (Dave A.) is new to Waialua, HI (pop. 3,761), having just moved from Wisconsin. In an effort to share a bit of his home and meet new people in the town, he becomes obsessed with bringing cheese to the pot luck. Not just any cheese. Homemade cheese. He finds a goat. He churns. And in the end, he finds love and learns how to relax the Hawaiian way.

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