Thursday, November 8, 2007

Rehearsal # 7: Group Dancing

We’ve been working a lot on partner dancing in the dance portions of the rehearsals. Last night we finally made the leap from partner dancing to big group numbers. The effect was quite amazing.

In the past, when we’ve tried to improvise group numbers, we generally do a diamond dance. In a diamond dance, one person is in the front and everyone behind them is following there lead. Generally the formation looks like a diamond, but not always. The problem with the diamond dance is that it puts all of the onus on one person to come up with the dance moves and do something interesting.

This time, we didn’t use the diamond dance. Instead, it was more of a free style dance with everyone paying attention to what everyone else was doing and riffing on themes of whatever dance moves the other people were doing. This kept everything in the same world. Then, when in doubt, dance with someone.

Often times we naturally found ourselves doing the same things in unison or cascading through moves. Either way, it all looked much more natural than a diamond dance. In one of them, we even had 3 couples doing what looked like a choreographed waltz. Very cool. I can’t wait to try it in a show.

Then we did more improv. We brainstormed names so as not to fall into ruts of naming everyone the same thing all the time. I personally tend to name everyone Carl, Bob, or Mary. Christian’s a big Becky fan and Bryce leans towards Jacob.

We also worked on romance scenes. These went very well and are quite fun. I did two large wacky side characters in two scenes, which somehow lend themselves to romance scenes so easily, and then was a protagonist in another.

In other news, we may be losing one of our cast members. This would be horrible, but may be unavoidable. More on that story as it develops.

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