Friday, August 31, 2007

Last Chance for Shakespeare & U-S in the News again

It's closing weekend of Shakespeare:Un-Scripted. I'm in all the shows this weekend, including the one that was last night. The run has been a lot of fun. I wish I had had more time to write about it. Unfortunately this show happened to correspond with a time in my life when I was either out of town and working on my novel or in town and frantically trying to find work. That left little time for improv musings.

In a lot of ways improvising Shakespeare is really hard. In other ways, it's easier. I've been the protagonist twice this run, and oddly enough it's WAY easier. Why? because Shakespeare's plots are so layered and his stories have so many characters that very little of the story needs to hang on the protagonist. Normally a protagonist is on stage for almost the entire show. Last night, as the protagonist, I was only in 3 scenes in the first half. I was on stage most of the second half, but things were moving pretty much on their own at that point.

Lessons that were reinforced last night:
Don't script write: I got really in my head about what was "supposed" to be happening instead of just diving in and seeing what happened.
People can't read your mind: For most of the first half I was not on the same page as most of the cast because I'd made assumptions about how we were handling one of the suggestions that were completely different from everyone else's.
Pages: Sometimes you're on the same page. Sometimes you're not. Last night was difficult because I and another cast member were in completely different universes all night. Every offer they made annoyed the crap out of me and I had a hard time rolling with it. Hopefully we can be on the same page tonight.

On another note, we're in two papers this week:

SF Weekly

Bay Times