Friday, November 19, 2010

ToTG Stephen King & When I'm Playing

The first performance of A Tale of Two Genres was last night! I did not see it, but I hear tell the genre gotten was Stephen King. (Last night's backstage white-board pictured above.) This resulted in: "Edwin Drood if Jasper was a vampire and Rosa's dad was the Highlander." Sounds pretty awesome to me. I will be at the show tonight, but as I was unable to attend any of this week's rehearsals, I am not performing.

If you want to know when I'm performing, without having to slog through the entire play schedule, here you go:

November 26, Friday
November 27, Saturday 3pm
December 2, Thursday
December 3, Friday
December 4, Saturday 8pm
December 9, Thursday
December 10, Friday
December 11, Saturday 3pm
December 16, Thursday
December 18, Saturday 3pm
December 20, Monday

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